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So the Halloween Feast was nothing exceptional. I felt like I was being watched by a bird of prey from the staff table whenever I tried to eat so I gave up. In one way, I'm thankful nothing happened, but in another; well, it was the second actual feast we've had since the Sorting. I was worried Professor McGonagall might faint or something most of the way through. I tried not to talk to anyone but Andrew Kirke is really, um, enthusiastic and by that I mean 'Colin Creevey' enthusiastic so I was slightly scared. I was worried about McGonagall passing out or something considering the last feast. This is going to sound so stupid but I'm really angry with him for leaving me here, to my nightmares and to the constant mockery. I know I have Ron & Hermione but nothing in my life has ever been normal, so even normality with them makes me feel abnormal, or like I'm in the wrong body, or that my body feels too big for all the weight that I'm carrying. I dunno, it's weird. I can stand up for myself but I don't want to anymore, I'm sick of all of this, the looks I get, the whispers, the attention.

Oh, and I'm considering finding a burning charm to get rid of this scar once and for all.
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