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Filch just came running down the corridor rubbing his hands together, looking really happy. So I nosed about a bit to find the source of the commotion. It turns out that someone has magically grafted the words "Snape is gay" into loads of the school desks! I don't get it.

Not once have I ever seen Professor Snape happy.
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...that's just disturbing, all-round.
I do think it was meant more as 'homosexual' than 'happy'.
That is, not heterosexual.
That is, choosing partners of one's own gender rather than the opposite.
WHAT?! I um... oh... oh dear.

Bloody hell. Really?!

... But how... I mean... babies?!
Obviously you cannot reproduce with your own gender.
Merlin, Potter, ask an adult.

No, wait. Better yet. Ask Professor Snape.
Oh, sod off, Wayne.

....... I'm not even going to answer this.
Um. For once, I was only trying to help. But you're right; let's not break stereotypes here.

Plus, I think it would be awfully amusing if someone did ask Professor Snape about that. I can just picture it in my mind... Merlin!
But... it's not my fault I don't know these things. Nobody told me anything!

I don't want to picture that, thanks. Urgh.

I didn't say it was. I merely suggested you ask someone older. It's not a crime, is it?
You were being sarcastic. Like I said, it's not my fault.
I wasn't being sarcastic; I usually make a pun of commenting when I am, for idiots that cannot make the difference inbetween. But anyway.


12 years ago

No babies, and that's the obvious drawback, isn't it?
Ohhhh. I'm sorry.. I was never taught, I mean, my aunt and uncle never mentioned anything like this (not that I'd want them to) and,.. it's a bit weird. Y'know?
It is very weird, I can definitely see that, especially if it's not something you're used to.
Well, it's just that I don't talk about this ever to anyone and my cheeks go all red when I think about it and I can't really um.. think about it too often, if you see what I mean.
Thinking about it too often isn't good, I quite agree with you there. Then you end up doing stupid things like daydreaming all through History of Magic or....
Hah hahaha hahahahaha.
Ron, I don't understand. Was it you?
Well no, but it's funny. I don't care who did it.

Deleted comment

I don't think I want to know.

.. Uh.. ok.

[ahaha. you silly sod.]
Oh dear, I had noticed that as well. It was quite amusing, if not disturbing as well.

And, Harry, Wayne's right..

[The innocence. THE INNOCENCE! It burns mine eyes! xD]