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The Boy Who Lived

Harry Potter
31 July
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T H E . B O Y . W H O . L I V E D

Name // Harry Potter.
Age // 16.
Familiar // A snowy owl named Hedwig.
Sexual Orientation // Surprisingly Straight.

Appearance // Harry Potter is not extroardinary looking. From years of isolation and abuse, he has grown in a rather stooped sort of way. It isn't as bad as it was when he was younger, as he has reasons for newfound confidence, but the old habit seems to return every summer when he returns to the Dursley's. He has dark, unkept hair, rather like his fathers...toppling over his forehead to hide the lightning-bolt scar, which he has no liking for. His eyebrows are dark, rather intense-looking, over brilliant green eyes that belonged to his mother.

Personality // There are several parts to Harry Potter. First, there comes the side of him that grew up with the Dursley's. He is shy, unsure of himself, and clumsy. This side of Harry does not usually resurface anymore, due to his fame, hardships, and magic abilities... The fact that he can now bully his cousin just as much as he has been bullied has helped with the fact that he was raised as an underdog. When he arrived at Hogwarts, he discovered hidden talents that had only briefly come to his attention before, and written off as an oddity or a coincidence. His parseltounge, uncanny ability to defend himself in situations where respectable wizards have gotten killed, and his insights into Voldemort's mind... the fact that part of his magical powers and abilities come from his enemy has been a very rough blow, and Harry is still not sure whether he is relieved of this transfer, or resentful of it. Harry is very bitter, defensive, and has a temper that can explode at any given moment. Unfortunately, he has the tendancy to take it out on his friends...though lately, he has been getting better at it. Sometimes he wonders if his temper and his cruelty could possibly be another trait of Voldemort, and despite his conversation with Dumbledore, he still has a fear of becoming like his nemesis...one day. Harry Potter's fear is a big part of his personality. He lives in fear but denies it...he puts himself in danger, and then later regrets the consequences. He can't stand being thrust away from the action, away from being the savior...though he doesn't entirely realize this. He does enjoy the attention, and being a hero, but does not bask in this with vanity. At times, even, he grows tired of the high expectations that are constantly being put onto him. And yet, when he manages to defy Voldemort or save someone from death, he knows it is worth it...in that moment. There is also a dark side to Harry that he fears, more than Voldemort himself.

History // Anyone in the wizarding world knows every story and rumor involving Harry Potter. Born to Lily and James Potter, both members of the Order, he was instantly shrouded with affection and love...until the day of their demise. Betrayed by one of their best friends, Peter Pettigrew, both were murdered most viciously by Voldemort...in front of baby Harry who, in nightmares, can still hear their screams. Somehow, through his mother's binding love, he managed to survive that night...and was rescued, brought to Privet drive, and left on the doorstep of his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's home. From then on, his life was misery. Tortured relentlessly by his cousin Dudley, Harry was never told the truth about his parents or informed of the wizarding world at all. Until the letters started arriving from Hogwarts. At first his Aunt and Uncle tried to hide it from him, but Hagrid, a half-giant who works at Hogwarts and who become one of Harry's most loyal friends, sought out the family on an island they'd escaped to, and finally Harry found out the truth. His parents had not died in a car accident.

Friendships and/or Relationships // His best friends are Hermione and Ron. Currently, he is not dating anyone...and after his uncertain relationship with Cho, he is not entirely eager to do so.

Loyalty Lies With // The DA.

N.E.W.T. classes // DADA, Potions (oddly), Transfiguration, Care of Magical Creatures, and Charms.

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