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We were all waiting for something after the Marks appeared in the sky but this is too much, I overheard one of the Aurors telling Tonks that there were limbs and bits of bodies scattered all over the floor when they got there. He described things in depth and... I had to leave, I just wanted to ask her how she was but I felt sick. I didn't even knock. Just eavesdropped accidentally and left. This is awful, Hermione's face when she picked up the Prophet... I'll never forget her expression for the rest of my life, she was probably thinking about her family and friends, of how much safer she is here, of what's to come. This is obviously just the beginning.

How anyone thinks I could do that to someone else is beyond me. I realise the thought process behind that but it's absolutely ridiculous. I have too much of that "power" or so it seems. This probably won't make sense except to the select few people, for which I'm grateful. I've bitten my nails to dust, I've paced the dorm repeatedly, and I'm itching to do something of importance. Hopefully, after classes, I'll be able to go to see Sirius.

I have to save people from THAT?! I don't want this anymore; I really, really don't want this.
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